Korean SKINRx LAB was founded in 2015 after several years of research and research to find the right raw materials to help already damaged skin heal and strengthen it to protect against further stress - something that resulted in the uniquely developed key ingredient MadeCera.


MadeCera is a unique ingredient developed by SKINRx LAB, and is a composition of Madecassoside which is one of the main and most active components in Centella Asiatica and naturally extracted and fermented Ceramide. Together, they have an anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing and protective effect on the skin while building up the natural collagen, moisturizing, strengthening the skin barrier and acting to delay the skin's aging. All of SKINRx LAB products contain MadeCera.


SKINRx LAB flagship product is their MadeCera Cream, which has been a bestseller since it was launched in 2015 and has received several awards in its home country. It is a multifunctional cream that works on a variety of common skin conditions such as dryness, blemishes, fine lines, impaired elasticity, enlarged pores, tired and dull skin, acne and redness. In addition, clinical trials have shown results for a strengthened skin barrier and deeply moisturizing properties.


SKINRx LAB provides two different product lines; Re-Turn whose products strengthen, moisturize and nourish tired and dry skin and Re-Born which is developed especially to counteract redness and blemishes. To separate the product lines, the packaging for Re-Turn is pink, which according to color psychology symbolizes well-being, and Re-Born is packaged in green, which stands for healing.